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Why Discount Sun Glasses are Cheaper 

Cheap sun glasses are less expensive than designer sun glasses for a number of reasons. Since sun glasses can be very expensive, sometimes costing up to fifteen hundred dollars a pair, many manufactures offer less expensive lines so that people can afford them. The average pair of discount sun glasses can cost between twenty and sixty dollars. This is much cheaper than a designer pair. Many people buy discount sunglasses to save money but still have an attractive pair of sunglasses.

Another reason discount sun glasses are cheaper is because the frames will be made of aluminum instead of titanium which allow the sun glasses to withstand more strain. A discount pair of sun glasses will probably not last as long as a more expensive pair because they can be damaged more easily. Also the lenses of designer sun glasses are usually scratch resistant, while discount sunglasses are not. This is why many people buy discount sunglasses. They are going ruin the pair anyway by accidentally sitting on them or leaving them somewhere, so spending the money on a good pair is a waste.

Discount sun glasses are cheaper because they can be sold in any gas station or mall kiosk. There is no need to rent a store front. The glasses sell themselves. Also, companies can use their designer labels to persuade people to buy cheap sun glasses by promising the same quality, but for less money. Companies want to make money no matter what. They are willing to sell cheap sun glasses to people they know will buy at least two or three pair a year than only sell exclusively to those who can spend a thousand dollars for one pair of sun glasses. Discount sun glasses are a cheaper alternative to an expensive pair of sunglasses, but still look attractive and are functional for those who spend a lot of time in the sun and need a reliable pair of sun glasses.