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Why Aviator Sun Glasses are Popular

Aviator glasses became popular among drivers and pilots back in the first half of the twentieth century. Back then cars and planes did not have windshields, so in an effort to keep wind, dirt, and dust from getting into the drivers’ eyes, aviator sun glasses were invented. Though the style has changed a little over the years, the original sun glasses were non-polarized, and wrapped around the head with an elastic strap that held them close to the face. Aviator glasses also had curved lenses that helped the driver see clearly.

Today, aviator glasses, made popular in war and airplane movies are sleeker and sexier than the older models. Aviator glasses now come in polarized styles without the strap to hold them on the face. Since the invention of windshields, sun glasses now serve only to prevent too much sun exposure. Though the glasses still wrap around the face, they are not as bulky as the original sun glasses. Most sun glasses companies sell a version of aviator sun glasses.

Aviator glasses are very popular because they can frame almost anyone’s face. Whether the face is long, short, round, or square, a pair of aviator sun glasses will look great. Without the strap, these sun glasses take on a more grown-up look. Aviator glasses are now worn like any other pair of sun glasses, but are still a favorite of pilots. Even though cock pits are now enclosed, a pilot still needs a reliable pair of sun glasses so that they can fly a plane safely and not make any errors. Aviator sun glasses still provide them the comfort and safety they have relied on for over a hundred years. Aviator sun glasses can be found at any sun glasses store, kiosk, or one can buy a pair online. They will never go out of style and will last a long time if one takes care of them.