Eagle Eye sunglasses

Revo Sunglasses

There are many brands of cheap sunglasses on the market today. The problem is many don't fully block the harmful UV rays of the sun and can make it more difficult to see because of the glare from the sun. The motto "you get what you pay for" certainly applies to the sunglasses market. While cheap sunglasses have their advantages, if you use sunglasses daily it would be to your benefit to get sunglassess with a more specialized lens that increases your vision and better protects your eyes. 

Put on Revo sunglasses and you can now be safely outdoors in bright sunlight without exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun. Revo sunglasses technology was first implemented in 1985 by an Optical Engineer named Mitch Ruda. NASA scientists discovered a way to protect satellites from outer space radiation by applying special coatings. These same special coatings were applied to Revo sunglasses known as the Light Management System (LMS), for the purpose of protecting the users eyes from the harmful radiation of the sun and increasing the wearers vision. The sunglasses with polarized Lens H20 are excellent for water sports. Although expensive they are known for their anti glare qualities so much they allow you to see well in rain, fog and even beneath the water. Also some styles are available with breakage-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Beware of some sellers claim whom claim to sell Revo sunglasses but only offer replicas. The real value of Revo sunglasses lies in the qualities of the lens.          

 Eagle Eyes sunglasses utilize simliar technology developed by NASA. Eagles our known to have unparraled vision to meet their specific requirements. Their special vision due to oil in the lense of their eyes allows them to spot tiny prey while high in the air. NASA used this information to develop a special poloarized len that eliminates glare and increases your vision.